We DO NOT have any branch or volunteers in turkey or any other europe country. We are UK based Registered Charity.
How Your Money is Spent
The money you donated is spent on a variety of different projects

Accommodation – We provide basic shelter such as tents or small brick buildings as a more permanent alternative

Basic healthcare- We supply financial help to those who cannot afford doctors fees and medicine.

Norishment- We provide basic nourishment such as cooking oil, flour, rice etc

Clothing - We provide clothing, blankets, shoes and coats donated by you.

Water -  We build water pump and deliver clean drinking water in villages where clean drinking water cannot be accessed.

Education - Every child deserves an education and an oppurtunity to provide for themselves and their families in the future, so we supply trained teachers, buildings in which to teach and school equipment such as pens, paper and books to provide the children with the best education possible. Al Sadat Foundation has been set up relatively recently. Thanks to you generous gifts; Al Sadat Foundation has already managed to impact the lives of hundreds of children and women in Afghanistan and Pakistan. No member of Al Sadat Foundation’s staff is currently paid by the Charity.



Every husband deserves to know that his family will be cared for when he is no longer able to. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for, to be filled with hopes and dreams of a bright and happy future.

Al Sadat Foundation
UK Registered Charity No. 1139954
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