We DO NOT have any branch or volunteers in turkey or any other europe country. We are UK based Registered Charity.
F.A.Q.[Frequently Asked Questions]

What is Al Sadat Foundation?

  • Al Sadat Foundation is an international poverty relief organisation.
  • This charity is registered in the UK and Afghanistan.
  • Its aim is to bring hope to orphans and widows in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Al Sadat Foundation’s projects are designed to immediately impact the lives of those poor whom the Charity is created for; to effectively improve the quality of their lives.

What do we do?

We are seeking ways in order to find solution and improve the quality lives of these poor people. In addition, we do our best to deliver your donations and gifts to the most needy and vulnerable people who are extremely affected by poverty.

Some of our work includes providing:

  • Accommodation – we provide shelter, tent etc.
  • Basic healthcare – helping with those people who can not afford to go to the doctor, buy medicine etc.
  • Foods – we provide Rice, Flour, Oil, Tea, and Sugar etc.
  • Clothing – we provide Cloths, Blanket, Shoes, and Coats etc.
  • Water – we build water pump and deliver clean drinking water for those people who do not have access to clean water.
Further to this, we have volunteers with local knowledge who work to make things happen.

What has Al Sadat Foundation already achieved?

The major project so far has been an orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan, where hundreds of orphans are looked after. The orphanage is not just a safe accommodation for a children at the same time it is a school. The children learn educational subjects such as Islamic Studies, Dari, English, Maths, Arts,Science and physical exercise. There are still many orphans in Afghanistan who are in need of help. The experience must be taken to other provinces and Orzghan is the next stage. That is why we constantly need your generous donations in order to cover the whole provinces of Afghanistan.

What is likely the cost of future project?

The current orphanage in Afghanistan is operated at a place which is rented. Our aim is to buy land and build an orphanage in Kabul where the area is considerd much safer then Kandahar. This would cost in the region of £300,000 In addition, we need to contract another one in Orzghan.

How to make donations?

Donations may be made way of:
  • Website
  • Telephone to the office
  • Sending Check payable to Al Sadat Foundation
  • We may collect gift or you can call our office

What type of donation the charity currently needs?

Currently we accept cash because sending cash is the easiest way to deliver projects for the time being. This policy may change in the future


Every husband deserves to know that his family will be cared for when he is no longer able to. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for, to be filled with hopes and dreams of a bright and happy future.

Al Sadat Foundation
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