We DO NOT have any branch or volunteers in turkey or any other europe country. We are UK based Registered Charity.

About Al Sadat Foundation

Al-Sadat Foundation is UK registered international non- profitable organization. It focuses its humanitarian-aid efforts on providing the indispensable needs of foodstuff, economic, education, natural catastrophe, health care, hygienic water and sanctuary. and water to people most in need, whether it is appropriate to intense poverty or likely disasters. Nonetheless, the Foundation facilitates to make an afford health care, educational instant schooling,  clean hygienic issues, clothing, installing orphanage dwelling care to people who might otherwise be in difficult crisis or predicament conditions in life.
It started when we corroborate by our procedural team to have delve into in exceedingly deprived and unfortunate regions whether it was Pakistan or Afghanistan, now we have compact supervision in terms of aid specifically, inaccessible and outskirt areas where there not amenities and facilities. Not even in small assortment of advancements. Hence it shows invariable approach to entire people of the country regarding to economic, education, natural catastrophe, health care, hygienic water and sanctuary.
However, we went throughout lots of diverse conditions subsequently; we found an immense dissimilarity between people. It is for sure that younger generation could be role model by the help of their belief. Unfortunately lack of opportunities to them could put us a major cause. It might have not been genuine concern in city livelihood obviously too difficult in far areas from the cities where little amount of progressions are made. 
On the other hand many people who are living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, are finding their earnings by traditional work such as; manual labor, personal shop keeping and agriculture. Most of them do have diminutive farming in agriculture area but it is not sufficient to make them appreciate of a great change with their families. This is the point that extremely putting a indication of obstacles in each family of Afghanistan or Pakistan particularly; for poor or ordinary families who are yet not helped.

Our Vision

Alsadat-foundation pays particular concentration to perform of humanitarianism-support. It is vital element being humanitarian action, defining and ordering, are numerous in terms of beneficial communication in core hearth of people around world. They are either of requisite or stirring nature and do not exclude the non-Muslims from humanitarian aid by our mean. Thus the length of the reward is connected to the durability of the charitable action. Long-term actions encouraged by Alsadat-foundation to provide significant work area in poor conditions such as; food, economic, education, natural catastrophe, health care, hygienic water and sanctuary.

Key part of our objective:

The mechanisms established an unprecedented impact on the lives of the population: a significant support for the most vulnerable, and the expansion of the educational and health-care system and food program aid.

Our foundation follows to launch varied humanitarian programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan on the other hand; our team would like to swell aids in extensive scale to uphold harmony, prosperity, love and pass the message of sympathy.

Always our focal point is being requested to do additional projects in terms of humanitarian assistance and to take part in a complementary role of advocacy, mediation, conciliation and peace process assistance.

With the development of means of communication and transport, humanitarian aid is no longer limited to a city or a region but we have intention to cover the entire world. In the past, individual initiatives and the work of institutions in charge of collecting and distributing humanitarian aid took place at the national level.


Every husband deserves to know that his family will be cared for when he is no longer able to. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for, to be filled with hopes and dreams of a bright and happy future.

Al Sadat Foundation
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