We DO NOT have any branch or volunteers in turkey or any other europe country. We are UK based Registered Charity.

Welcome to Al Sadat Foundation

Alsadat Foundation receives the grant for this serious aid through the generosity of its donors with nonprofit charitable organizations registered at outside the country and it is significant to the targeted countryside where it is important to implement and deliver the aid. Frequently the Foundation focuses on serving people in isolated areas who are not receiving help out from other sources. An enormous effort is made to find charities to partner with, whether large organizations or smaller local ones, that is most gifted and trustable Foundation to carry the aid directly, efficiently, and effectively with reverence for the aid recipients and their background.  Al-Sadat-foundation is particularly engrossed in shaping to be potential and peaceful for a long and productive time.
Alsdat-Foundation first aid grant was provided in late 2010. By the end of 2012, it had made grants to aid people in Pakistan and Afghanistan, working with effective members in our team that helps those poor and needy families who can't afford their expenses. Al Sadat Foundation and the staff members are willing to spend their time helping the orphans, widows and poor and needy families. We help these people in maximum parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Every husband deserves to know that his family will be cared for when he is no longer able to. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for, to be filled with hopes and dreams of a bright and happy future.

Al Sadat Foundation
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